Never assume the obvious

Vernon Amsterdam is not what it seems. At first glance you’ll notice we design and produce comfortable streetwear to fit your style. But if you look further, you will see how we hope to make the world a little bit better. By ensuring all our pants are fully sustainable with the latest technical innovations and details. To provide you with a complete look, we hope you’ll enjoy our ever changing collection of handpicked, curated vintage tops.

Hug a tree

All Vernon Amsterdam pants are fully sustainable and recyclable. Yes, you read it right, all of them. We use organic cotton and environmental friendly finishes on our products.We will never compromise on sustainability, so don’t expect anything less. Want to know more? Click below.


Be smart

Thanks to our background in technical garments we make use of the latest innovations and the most comfortable garments. This makes our pants better than any other pants out there. We do the research, you just have to wear them!



Our pants are handcrafted and designed by the Vernon Amsterdam team. To create a total look, we have handpicked vintage items with our team of stylists. Why? Since we believe it’s not necessary to overproduce and impact our beautiful world.

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Dream it

We believe in being inclusive and we celebrate diversity. We are not alone, but we are interdependant. If we are open to others, we can make the world a better place. Peace out! Want to stay in touch or let us know what you dream about? Sign up for our newsletter.